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Integrative Gynecology: A complete, personalized 360 degree assessment of overall health with, direct care for YOUR Hormone Health, Gynecologic Needs, Women’s Optimization and Wellness, and Sexual Health,

Dr. Heather Quaile, your SHOW Center provider is board certified as a women’s and gender health nurse practitioner with specialty training in: peri/menopausal health, female sexual and pelvic dysfunctions, holistic, integrative medicine, sexuality counseling, trauma-informed care, and LGBTQ+ care. Many medical concerns have both physiological, biological, and psychological roots and as an integrative gynecology practice we offer WHOLE person care.

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Integrative Gynecology

Integrative Gynecology

Take Charge of your Sexual Health

Sexual Health

Sexuality Counseling

Sexuality Counseling

Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Medically Supervised Weight Loss

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What to Expect

Schedule YOUR Courtesy Call

Ten minutes with a qualified sexual health expert can be life changing

Before becoming a patient you have the option of scheduling a 10-minute courtesy call with Dr. Heather Quaile at no charge so that she can understand your unique and individualized needs and to be sure The SHOW Center is a good fit for you. She will talk with you about your sexual health problems, your management goals, previous evaluations, and the types of examination and testing that would be performed should you make an appointment at The SHOW Center. This information will become a permanent part of your health record at The SHOW Center. Before the courtesy call, you may want to write a brief summary of your sexual medicine history in order to be concise on your phone call.

Heather Quaile DNP, WHNP-BC, SANE
About Us

Meet Dr. Heather Quaile

A practicing women’s and gender health nurse practitioner since 2001 – Founder, Owner, and Clinical Director of The SHOW Center


Dr. Heather Quaile (She/Her/Hers) is a board-certified, women’s and gender health nurse practitioner and AASECT certified sex counselor with specialty training in female sexual medicine, from San Diego Sexual Medicine with renowned sexual medicine physician Dr. Irwin Goldstein.

Dr. Quaile is also a sexual assault nurse examiner and menopause practitioner providing sexual health education, information and personalized trauma-informed counseling to patients of all ages. Dr. Quaile has been working in all aspects of women’s healthcare for over 19 years caring for both those who have been assigned female at birth as well as those who identify as women across the health-illness continuum.

Client Testimonials

“I came to see Dr. Heather Quaile when I was having a difficult time managing low energy level, low libido and mild bladder stress incontinence…”

Lore M.

“As a former clinical student of Dr. Heather Quaile I can personally attest to her knowledge, focus, skill. And passion for healthcare. She is sharp and logical yet calming and caring…”

Kiersten D.

“Heather is hands down the best women’s health provider I have ever had. She listens to my concerns, empathizes with me and discusses the best and most effective clinical options…”

Shannon B.

“Heather Quaile is by far my most favorite OB/GYN nurse practitioner. I have personally known Heather for over 8 years and can attest to her commitment to her patient’s overall health and well-being…”

Nicki T.

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Take Charge of YOUR Health

We are here for you and offer quality care in a judgment-free zone.

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