Welcome to the SHOW

Welcome to The SHOW Center

The Sexual Health, Optimization, and Wellness (SHOW) Center brings specialized sexual health and wellness services to the Atlanta Metro Area. For years, I have envisioned opening a practice that catered to women and their specific needs that were often overlooked. I believe that women deserve to be seen, listen to and heard, hence why my tagline “Where She is Seen” seemed the most fitting as I was creating The SHOW Center. Women deserve the best care and to have an inspiring experience with healthcare rather than something that just gets done and over with.

Often women are last to take care of themselves and worry about everyone else before they worry about themselves. I wanted to create a space where a woman can come and talk one on one with their provider without huge, time constraints of insurance to ask pertinent questions and to receive care in a non-judgmental safe space.

The SHOW Center is a health and wellness medical practice focused specifically on women with sexual health concerns. I focus my care on meeting women where they are on their journey to how to handle this from a psychological and physiological standpoint.

Research has shown women’s sexual health concerns are often misunderstood and not discussed throughout their lives. However, this becomes much worse as women go through their childbearing years, peri/menopausal years, after a cancer diagnosis, or after a trauma. Very few providers specialize specifically in women’s sexual health concerns. Women’s symptoms are typically written off as psychological or normal for their age, or they are told they have a normal exam when clearly they “feel” like something is wrong or they have pain. Many of the symptoms associated with sexual dysfunction, can be quite debilitating and, if left untreated, can negatively impact their quality of life


The SHOW Center Mission

The Sexual Health Optimization and Wellness (SHOW) Center offers innovative, personalized, non-surgical approaches to women facing the unique challenges of sexual dysfunction and pelvic conditions. It is our mission to offer a holistic approach that educates, treats, and cultivates each woman’s needs for better sexual, pelvic, and reproductive health.


Holistic, Integrative Counseling for Women

The SHOW Center for women is filling a gap in women’s healthcare that combines medical knowledge, sexuality counseling, and life coaching experience to provide a unique individualized, holistic bio-psycho-social program. It’s like you are getting three different providers addressing your concerns at one time. The SHOW Center has identified the most common sexual issues that women encounter and developed the center to address these issues through a holistic and integrative approach. The SHOW Center utilizes various approaches to sexuality counseling where the focus is placed on understanding a patients unique and individualized needs and concerns. You’ll also receive beneficial cognitive and behavioral exercises to complete between sessions and ultimately a customized sexual pathway to go forward with.


Optimization, Wellness, and Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is a patient focused model of healthcare that looks and treats illness with a holistic, integrative science based approach. It deals with looking for the root cause of conditions and fixing imbalances and dysfunction. It aims to restore the body to optimal functioning and not to just treat symptoms but find the reason for illness and address that. It is possible to look at sexual dysfunction through this lens. The functional medicine approach is based on looking at removing toxicity, improving digestion, replacing deficiencies and restoring balance in the body to restore optimal health. Looking at a condition from root cause involves evaluating the whole patient to include their gut, adrenal, thyroid, and hormonal imbalances. It can also involve a very team-centric approach that includes nutritionists, physical therapists, and health coaches as part of the team.

The SHOW Center is located in Kennesaw, GA and is accepting new patients. To learn more about The SHOW Center services or to schedule an appointment or free 10 minute consultation call visit www.theshowcenter.com. Also you can follow me on Facebook or Instagram

Shine brightly,

Dr. Heather Quaile

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