Just Ask?

As you know I have been working extensively in the field of women’s health for over 19 years. I have helped thousands of women and their partners resolve their sexual health issues. In my experience as a nurse practitioner specializing in women’s and gender care, the biggest problem is that the majority of people who suffer from any kind of sex-related problems are reluctant to talk about it and do not seek a qualified provider. Also, providers are reluctant to even discuss this issue with patients due to time constraints with insurance visits and lack of knowledge on how to address, manage and treat these conditions.

The concept behind “Snippets from the SHOW” blog is to give women and their partners as much quality and updated information as possible to educate them not only about sexual health problems but also how to get help in order to improve their intimate relationships and quality of life.

I want to be able to answer any questions that you may have related to sexual health and dysfunction. You can ask your question using the contact us section on our website. I will select the most asked questions and provide the answers in a video on my Facebook feed. Please follow me on Facebook and Instagram. I will not use any names when I answer these questions to protect your privacy. I may also decide to team up with some of my colleagues to help answer questions that are related to sexual dysfunction and pelvic floor, pharmaceutical questions and functional lifestyle questions surrounding sexual dysfunction.

I want to support you to answer any “uncomfortable” questions and to help clear any doubts about any type of sexual problem that you or your partner maybe suffering from. Thank you for your participation. Please know there are no dumb or wrong questions to ask and if you are worried about it I am sure other people have the same concerns.

Also please check out my Facebook and Instagram pages to learn more about the program #JustAsk. My wonderful team of medical colleagues and I will be putting together a series to help patients through the difficulty in discussing sexual health concerns. We would love for you to join us if you are local. Stay tuned and follow me to learn more about other programs that I am bringing out in the online sector as well. Facebook, Instagram.

Shine brightly,

Dr. Heather Quaile