Telehealth a new normal during a pandemic for patients and providers: Let’s do some FAQs

Are you new to telehealth? Do you have questions? See below for answers to frequently asked questions about telehealth.

The SHOW Center Telehealth: Frequently Asked Questions

What is The SHOW Center Telehealth? 
Due to COVID-19 we have more people staying safe and sheltering in place or working from home making it difficult to go for care. All patients deserve easy and convenient access to qualified medical and mental health professionals for their sexual health, and telehealth can make this option easier for some.  This is a service that will connect you to our SHOW center provider who is qualified to treat your sexual health and wellness concerns utilizing HIPPA technology without having to leave home or work.  The caveat is that you need to reside in Georgia or Minnesota in order to be receive care from our provider.

What are some of the conditions we can treat in telehealth?
We focuses on sexual health problems such as Low Sexual Desire, Sexual Pain, Trouble with Orgasm, Mood Problems, History of Sexual Trauma, Menopause, Relationship Problems, Vaginal Dryness, and STIs.

General Info

Can The SHOW Center Telehealth handle emergencies?
We do not handle emergencies. For any emergencies you will need to contact 9-1-1 immediately.

Do you offer individual and couple’s sex therapy?
Yes.  Sexual concerns involve a biopsychosocial approach and we know that often sexual problems can lead to relationship issues and visa versa. Your SHOW Center provider can work with you individually or with your partner.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?
If for any reason you are unable to make the appointment, please cancel at least 24 hours prior to your appointment in order to receive a 50% refund of your appointment cost.  If you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment, a refund will not be issued.

Do you offer a free trial?
Please see our website to contact us and book a 10 minute free consult with Dr. Quaile to discuss your concerns and to see if this the right fit for you.

Where is The SHOW Center Telehealth currently offered?
The SHOW Center is currently only provided in the state of Georgia and Texas.

Billing & Insurance 

Does The SHOW Center accept my health insurance?
At this time, we do not accept insurance.

Can I bill my own insurance?
There may be an opportunity for you to submit the charges to your insurance company for reimbursement after your visit(s).  We do not bill insurance on your behalf and cannot guarantee payment for these services by your insurance company.  We recommend you call your insurance company and inquire regarding the insurance reimbursement process.

Does The SHOW Center accept Medicare and Medicaid?
At this time, we do not accept Medicare and Medicaid.

Can I use my Flex Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account(HSA) to pay for my appointment?
Unfortunately, this is different based on each individual plan.  Many women face issues with reimbursement for sexual health concerns due to lack of coverage by their healthcare companies. In order to be sure about reimbursement, please confirm your health FSA or HSA’s terms permit reimbursement of expenses related to sexual dysfunction.

What forms of payment does The SHOW Center accept?
We accepts all major credit cards.

Technical Requirements

What technology do I need to use?
You can use your mobile device or your computer. We rely on Spruce for our video conference and you will be sent a link prior to your visit.

Do I need Wifi to use your service?
Although not required, for the best experience, we recommend you connecting your video call on a WIFI connection.

Can I have a phone call instead of a video call?
We recommend having your video on so that your virtual care experience is as close to an in-person consultation as possible. But if you’re uncomfortable with having your video on during your appointment, no sweat! You can turn off your video and have an audio only consultation.

Security & Data

How is my personal information and medical history stored? Is it safe?
Your personal and medical information is stored in compliance with HIPAA security rules and guidance. Only The SHOW Center has access to your chart which we create in our electronic patient records.


How do I enter my pharmacy info?
If you and your provider decide that a prescription is needed, the provider will call in the prescription to the pharmacy of your choice.  This will be discussed during your visit.

Can I receive a prescription?
If you schedule a visit with a prescriber and a prescription is indicated, you may receive a prescription.  Prescriptions are not guaranteed and are at the providers sole discretion.

Are there any prescriptions I cannot receive?
Your SHOW Center provider does not prescribe opioids or any other controlled substances through the platform.

Should I do anything to prepare for my appointment?
Your SHOW Center provider will send you an intake form to complete prior to your visit.

What happens if my visit goes over the allotted time?
The provider will end the visit at the completion of the allotted time.  If more time is needed, please schedule an additional visit with that provider to discuss.

Can you order a lab test for me?
If indicated, we can order labs for you.