Sleep and Sex

Are the two of these interconnected?  The answer is undeniable YES.  Studies have shown that sexual function in both women and men is linked with with sleep quality!

An article in the March 2019 volume of The Journal of Sexual Medicine looked at approximately 2,500 men and 1,400 women over 50.  They looked to see how sleep quality and duration correlated with sexual arousal and orgasm ( how sleep quality and duration correlated with sexual arousal and orgasm)quality in both women and men and erection quality in men. The results showed that, in both men and women, arousal levels (libido) were lower with less quality sleep.  Men were also shown to have more difficulty getting and maintaining erections with less sleep.

The evidence also showed that poor sleep made it more difficult for women, but not men, to reach orgasm.

The conclusion from the data was that, “Older adults presenting sleep problems should be screened for sexual dysfunction and vice versa.” Often I hear from my patients that they are never asked about their sexual function ever by their providers. I think this data can also apply to younger patients and we should always ask the question.  I think it could apply to everyone regardless of age.


At The SHOW Center, we screen every patient for sleep issues.  If there are underly concerns we cannot address with sleep we have wonderful providers who can send you to for referral especially if sleep apnea is a worry.  When looking into sexual dysfunction, we take a whole person approach- biopsychosocial- to discover any underlying issues a patient may have.

If you’re experiencing any form of sexual dysfunction and feel that you would benefit from this integrated approach to treatment please contact us for your free 10-minute consult.