Vitamin D: Is it really that important with sex drive?

A simple Google search for “what does vitamin D do?” highlights the widely used dietary supplement’s role in regulating calcium absorption and promoting bone growth. But now it appears that vitamin D has much wider effects. Research at the Buck Institute shows that vitamin D works through genes known to influence longevity and impacts processes associated with many human age-related diseases.


Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that we know helps with bone health, immune support, and inflammation reduction. Some studies are now showing it may have a role in the prevention and treatment of diabetes and with sexual function. At the SHOW Center your Vitamin D level is something that we routinely tested with your initial blood workups. About 50% of the population has been shown to have vitamin D insufficiency with levels less than 30ng/dl. There are many possible signs and symptoms that can be associated with low vitamin D levels, including getting sick often, feeling tired, having lower back pain or bone pain, having muscle pain, experiencing hair loss, or feeling depressed. Vitamin D is so vital for overall health and I often find may patients with low levels who like they can “crash” daily at around 3-4pm from exhaustion only to find their energy levels increased once their vitamin D levels returned to normal levels. If you took a look at our blog (link) on sleep and sex you know that its all interrelated.  If you have never had this level checked please ask your healthcare provider.

At the SHOW center we will discuss how to  increase our levels of vitamin D.  However just to name a few vitamin D comes from sun exposure in addition to some foods such as fatty fish, egg yolks, beef liver and cheese. Because of sunscreen use, especially during the winter months indoors, and poor intake of vitamin D from foods, a vitamin D supplement is often necessary to increase levels. If you find that your vitamin D levels are low, then take a supplement. We offer medical grade quality supplements on our website.  (Link).   Please reach out to us if you have concerns regarding fatigue and sexual dysfunction…it might be your Vitamin D is off kilter!

Shine brightly,

Dr. Q