Medication for Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Patients can think of a long list of excuses for why they are reluctant to take weight-loss drugs. They frequently believe that using prescription drugs is a last resort and that controlling their weight is something they should do on their own. It makes sense that people might be hesitant to use medication given that our culture has long made assumptions about people’s weight and body image. It’s time to let go of these antiquated notions, though, and treat obesity with the same aim and medical support as any other chronic disease.

I delved into the challenges of weight loss in my earlier discussion of obesity in an effort to shed light on the intricacies involved in maintaining a healthy weight. While not an “easy way out,” weight loss drugs are a crucial complement to lifestyle and behavioral changes. Medication for weight loss has various modes of action.¬†

A few advantages of weight-loss drugs are:

Enhanced satiety. Patients said they will feel satisfied with lesser quantities and have fewer thoughts about food throughout the day.

Decreased appetite. Patients report less unwarranted hunger, making it simpler to turn down a sweet treat, ignore the food in the checkout lane, or forget about the half-eaten candy bar at the bottom of your handbag.

They HELP you BELIEVE in your own potential. Patients who have struggled with weight management for years may lose motivation and give up on their attempts at exercise and nutrition owing to difficulty and a lack of lasting benefits. They are more equipped to succeed when medication is added to their toolkit.

Not all patients should take weight loss drugs. These medicines are most suited for patients with a BMI > 30 or a BMI > 27 along with another co-morbidities like insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and prediabetes. Given that these medications are frequently taken for a number of years, it’s critical to select a treatment that will be sustainable¬† for long-term use.As was already established, the best way to take weight loss drugs is in conjunction with a way of life that places an emphasis on stress reduction, healthy food, and physical activity. We urge you to choose a treatment strategy that will best fit your way of life, level of comfort, and medical needs.¬† We are here for you along the way. Please reach out if we can help you with medically supervised weight loss.