Integrative Gynecology

Integrative Gynecology

Integrative Gynecology involves taking a complete, personalized 360 degree assessment of overall health with, direct care for YOUR Hormone Health, Gynecologic Needs, Women’s Optimization and Wellness, and Sexual Health.

Women have unique healthcare needs. We specialize in holistic health and the many ways that gynecological health intersects with whole-body health. We realize the importance of caring for the whole person through a holistic approach based in lifestyle medicine and prevention

The female reproductive organs, the primary focus of gynecology, are intimately connected to every other organ system in the body through estrogen and other hormones. In addition to reproduction, estrogen controls energy utilization throughout the body and is key to brain health, heart health, digestive health, proper weight control, bone health, and immune system health. Consequently, gynecological health impacts whole-body health and vice versa.

Given this interconnected complexity, it only makes sense to view women’s health  issues in an integrative, whole-body manner. At the SHOW Center, we begin with a comprehensive 360- degree health assessment and testing to get an accurate picture of your true, overall health status and we consider all the factors impacting traditional female issues, and then we treat them on a systemic level.

Working in partnership with you, we develop a treatment plan that may consist of a combination of nutritional therapies, herbal supplementation, physical activity recommendations, stress and sleep management therapies, pelvic floor physical therapy, mental/sexuality counseling, intermittent fasting programs, and bioidentical hormones.

Dr. Quaile is uniquely qualified to deliver this type of superlative care. She is one of only a small handful of nurse practitioners who is a board-certified, women’s and gender health nurse practitioner with specialty training in female sexual medicine. She is also a menopause practitioner, and AASECT certified sex counselor providing sexual health education, information and personalized trauma-informed counseling to patients of all ages. With her expertise comes an expanded understanding of the female body in its entirety and a far greater array of therapies upon which to draw. At The SHOW Center we are committed to providing a safe space that offers compassionate, evidence-based medicine for all.