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Dr. Heather Quaile, nurse practitioner and Dr. Tara Thompson, pharmacist formed the #justASK! podcast in 2019 as an advocacy group focused on sexual health for female, male and transgender patients. Monthly experts from the field of sexual medicine are asked to be a part of the panel and chat about all things sexual health related. Patient and providers alike are encouraged to #justASK! any question they may have surrounding sexual health and medicine.

You can learn more about us here: Listen to the Podcast:

Our Mission:

#justASK is a healthcare podcast that is dedicated to providing evidenced-based information by a multidisciplinary team of sexual health experts in order for individuals to make informed and optimal sexual health decisions and to learn and understand the issues around sexual dysfunction.

Our Values:

We believe in the creation of a safe and non-judgmental environment around sexual health and wellness for all men and women.  We also believe in engagement with experts in this area of health and to have access to other members of their community to discuss their most intimate topics and questions.

Our Initiatives:

  • ​​To promote the understanding and advocacy of conversation surrounding men’s and women’s sexual health, wellness, and dysfunction by utilizing multidisciplinary experts in the field including medical, pharmacy, pelvic floor physical therapy, and counseling.
  • ​​To debunk myths and taboos surrounding sexual dysfunction and other intimate topics while providing a safe and confidential space for conversation.
  • ​​To advocate for an evidence-based approach to educating members of the community and other clinicians on sexual health issues including: Couples and Intimacy, Women’s Integrative Healthcare Approaches, Functional Medicine and Lifestyle Health, Intimacy and Cancer, Male Sexual Health, Sexual Pain and Pelvic Floor, Transgender Health, Crisis Medicine.