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We care about our patients and we love their feedback to help make us the best place for women to come to be seen and heard in regards to their sexual health concerns. If you are thinking of scheduling your 10 minute free consult call or if you are considering any of our services, our online patient testimonials may help answer some of your questions.

Leaf iconLM. Five Stars

I came to see Dr. Heather Quaile when I was having a difficult time managing low energy level, low libido and mild bladder stress incontinence. As a full time, working mother, I felt like I was struggling to get through my day and constantly running on empty. I had visits with my GYN and PCP and still could not get answers or recommendations on how to manage these problems. My GYN kept telling me that my Testosterone level was normal and all other labs were fine.

Dr. Quaile’s approach to my health concerns were much more thorough and comprehensive. She uses recent research to guide treatment recommendations for my issues. She ordered comprehensive labs and reviewed them and then was able to prescribe hormonal therapy and recommended OTC supplements to help treat my symptoms. Within several weeks, I was able to see a significant difference. I had more energy to get through my day and my libido was improved. She also recommended laser treatments for a mild bladder prolapse and after undergoing treatments, I could see significant improvement in urinary stress incontinence.

Dr. Quaile’s passion for women’s health and sexual dysfunction is what drives her to go above and beyond for her patients. I found her to be knowledgeable and compassionate. I was so impressed with the time she spent with me to comprehensively review my overall health to ensure she was able to provide a treatment plan to help improve my quality of life. Her genuine concern made me feel more comfortable to discuss what can often be sensitive topics. I highly recommend Dr. Quaile and am so thankful to her for helping improve my overall wellbeing. Lore MAndrell. Last paragraph most important but can cut and piece.


Leaf iconKiersten D. Five Stars

As a former clinical student of Dr. Heather Quaile I can personally attest to her knowledge, focus, skill. And passion for healthcare. She is sharp and logical yet calming and caring. Despite years since my school we maintain a close relationship. Dr. Quaile is active in promoting healthcare in our government and around our community, as well as pushing any stigma away from gender and sexual health. If you are looking for a holistic patient centered provider who will advocate for your health look no further.


Leaf iconShannon B. Five Stars

Heather is hands down the best women’s health provider I have ever had. She listens to my concerns, empathesizes with me and discusses the best and most effective clinical options. For years I have tried to get providers that I was tired, sluggish, and no feeling like myself but was told it “was just part of getting older”. Heather worked with me to get some answers and led me to feel better than I ever have. She truly wants her pts to live their best life. I am so thankful to her commitment to clinical excellence and her investment to me- she is the best!!!


Leaf iconHannah V. Five Stars

As a nurse practitioner student, I had the opportunity to complete a clinical rotation with Heather serving as my preceptor. The learning environment that she generated was both welcoming and supportive and created a space where I was able to efficiently expand upon my knowledge of evidenced-based patient care. Heather’s passion for education is evident through her teaching style. My education was an observable priority to her, as she constantly supplied me with the latest educational resources, explained items in a simplistic way, and answered all of my (many!) questions. Heather’s passion for women’s health and dedication to her patients’ success and wellbeing is palpable. I have loved having the opportunity to learn from Heather and hope to someday model her same positive energy, passion, and leadership!


Leaf iconNicki T. Five Stars

Heather Quaile is by far my most favorite OB/GYN nurse practitioner. I have personally known Heather for over 8 years and can attest to her commitment to her patient’s overall health and well-being. Heather goes above and beyond her provider role with every interaction and continues to provide excellent patient care even following the conclusion of her services. She has provided OB care for two of my three pregnancies where I was able to deliver two healthy babies naturally. Additionally, she has provided outstanding GYN care following my pregnancies and helped me understand the importance of pelvic floor health. She is an amazing provider, coach, and wellness professional who has the tenacity to serve her community with compassion and care.


Leaf iconAmanda Five Stars

I’m so grateful for Heather Quaile! Her compassion and dedication to improving my life by focusing on my health and meeting my needs could not have come at a better time! She will spend quality time with you intimately discussing your goals and concerns then create a perfect formula designed to maximize your bodies potential! She has a passion for women and has radically changed my life!


Leaf iconCL. Five Stars

I was a student of Heather’s during the Spring 2019 semester while finishing up the WHNP program at Vanderbilt University. Heather was quick to take me as a student, which was a HUGE relief, since finding clinical preceptors can be a daunting task. She is an incredibly selfless preceptor and goes above and beyond to teach her students. Not only did she prove to be an amazing preceptor, but she has taken the role of my mentor and friend!

While in the clinic, Heather allowed me to sit in on all of her patient appointments. She was working in a clinic that specialized in menopause and sexual dysfunction, so the majority of her appointments were 30-60 minute long consultations. She was very thorough with each of her patients and got a complete background of their medical history and their current symptoms/concerns. She would take the time to explain everything to her patients and allow them to ask any questions they may have had. Often times, patients would report that no medical provider had ever asked these questions before or delved this deep into their medical/sexual history. Her passion for this patient population was contagious. After the appointment concluded, Heather would allow me to ask questions about the appointment and have her further explain some of her reasoning and decision making. Once I sat in on enough of the appointments, Heather let me consult with some of our patients. It was an unbelievable learning experience that I will use with me in my future practice.

In addition to seeing menopausal and sexual dysfunction patients, we saw a variety of other GYN patients including well woman visits, STI diagnosis and management, vaginitis diagnosis and management, menstrual irregularity/abnormal uterine bleeding, and much more. There were also a variety of clinical procedures that she performed at her clinic including IUD insertions and removal, endometrial biopsy, transvaginal ultrasounds, CO2 laser treatment, hormone pellet insertions, etc. As a new student in the clinical setting, I was not yet trained to perform these procedures, but Heather would allow me to shadow and talk me through each procedure. As I got more comfortable in the clinical setting, she also allowed me to complete the health history and perform some clinical skills during well woman visits.

After completing my clinical rotation at Heather’s clinic, I have kept in close touch with her. She has been a guiding hand for me throughout the job search process. She has helped improve my resume, look over cover letters, write job references, and talk me through tough decisions when it came to accepting a job.

I had no idea the impact that Heather would have on my career when I took my clinical rotation with her. She has proved to be an exceptional preceptor, educator, and mentor. Her passion for women’s health and educating future clinicians allows her to excel as a preceptor.


Leaf iconSamantha C. Five Stars

I’m so grateful for Heather Quaile! Her compassion and dedication to improving my life by focusing on my health and meeting my needs could not have come at a better time! She will spend quality time with you intimately discussing your goals and concerns then create a perfect formula designed to maximize your bodies potential! She has a passion for women and has radically changed my life!


Leaf iconTara Thompson Five Stars

Heather has taken patient care to another level with her expertise and passion for Sexual Health! She is highly trained, professional, brilliant, and truly cares for each and everyone she sees! It is a pleasure working with Heather and The SHOW Center and I highly recommend to anyone searching for answers!


Leaf iconLore Mandrell Five Stars

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Heather. She is compassionate and extremely knowledgeable in women’s health. She has such a passion for women’s health and really goes the extra mile to help identify and treat a variety of conditions that can reduce a woman’s quality of life. My experience with her was life changing. She uses the newest research and technology to help treat these conditions. She helped improve my quality of life significantly when others were not able to. I highly recommend her!

Leaf iconRosie Groover Five Stars

Heather has been my provider for over 10 years, I trust her care completely! She has a passion and dedication for wellness with an empathetic approach custom to her patients needs. Everyone deserves such meticulous care, thank you Heather!


Leaf iconGina M. Five Stars

Heather has so much knowledge and genuine passion for helping women with all things hormone and sex related. She is so easy to talk to and genuinely cares about each of her patients. If you’re sick of bandaid approaches and want to really, finally address the underlying causes of hormone imbalance or sexual dysfunction, Heather is your answer! I can’t say enough great things about her!


Leaf iconCourtney Raspin Five Stars

Heather is the answer to all of your sexual health needs! No matter what your questions are, Heather will make you feel relaxed and understood. Her warmth, care and passion shine through with every encounter, and you could not be in safer and more experienced hands. She is simply the best!


Leaf iconSarah Lowe Five Stars

Heather is such a caring and knowledgeable practitioner! She creates a safe and nonjudgmental environment which makes difficult and uncomfortable topics easy to discuss! I always know I’m receiving the best care with Heather!

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