The HIVE Collective Patient Education

Welcome to The HIVE Collective

We are your Queen Bees- Heather Quaile and Jackie Piasta, both women’s and gender health nurse practitioners and we have a combined 30 + years of clinical experience and expertise.

We have continued to hear in our private practices that women are still not being seen or heard in regards to their healthcare and in particular their menopause and midlife journey. We knew it was time to advocate for more women and make a larger impact than we can in our own, private, practices. As we navigated through the healthcare landscape we needed something that could empower more women that see their healthcare provider than we can care for…hence The HIVE (Health in a Virtual Environment) Collective was born!


The JustAsk! A Menopause + Midlife Seminar Series Course

By women, for women. A comprehensive series dedicated to providing individuals navigating midlife and menopause with evidence-based, reliable, accurate, and helpful education on the subject.


This seminar series is for women who are interested in understanding their menopause and help them to be armed with knowledge on the use of hormone and non hormonal therapy options. Through our midlife and menopause seminar series, podcast, and education in The HIVE Collective, you will understand exactly what you need during midlife and why it is the right and safe choice for you. We will also arm you with an arsenal of tools and information to address these concerns with your provider.

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