The #justask Podcast

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The #justASK is a healthcare podcast that is  part of  The HIVE (Health in a Virtual Environment) Collective. Your co-host Dr. Heather Quaile is a leading Women’s and Gender-related Nurse Practitioner. We started in 2020 with Dr. Quaile and colleague Dr. Tara Thompson, pharmacist and now welcome our cohost and leading women’s health expert and nurse practitioner, Jackie Piasta.  This is a safe space where no question is off limits and we advocate and encourage listeners to just ask their most intimate questions and to breakdown the barriers of embarrassment and taboo.

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Our Mission:

#justASK mission is a healthcare podcast that is dedicated to providing evidenced-based information by a multidisciplinary team of women’s health experts curated for individuals to make informed and optimal healthcare decisions and to learn and understand the issues that surround women throughout the lifespan.  We provide answers to the questions you may not know how to ask by interviewing experts in nursing,  medicine, sexual health and wellness.


Our Values:

We believe in the creation of a safe and non-judgmental environment around women and gender related health concerns.  We also believe in engagement with experts in this area of health and to have access to other members of the community to discuss women’s most intimate topics and questions.

Our Initiatives:

  • To promote the understanding and advocacy of conversations that surround women’s midlife concerns, sexual health, metabolic and hormone Wellness. We utilize multidisciplinary experts in the field to include a biopsychosocial approach to health that involves nursing, medical, pharmacy, pelvic floor physical therapy, and mental health expertise.
  • ​​To debunk myths and taboos surrounding various women’s health concerns around the lifespan and other intimate topics while providing a safe and non-judgmental space for conversation to happen and for you to listen and to bring these ideas back to your friends, colleagues and healthcare providers so that you can feel empowered.
  • ​​To advocate for an evidence-based, trauma-informed approach to educating members of the community and other clinicians on women’s health topics often overlooked and underemphasized in nursing and medical education.
  • To improve the healthcare landscape, advocating for education, accessibility and shared decision making and empowerment.

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